As the weather cools down, it’s difficult to remain uplifted, motivated or productive. The unpredictability of Melbourne weather can cause our moods to fluctuate week to week or even day to day. We recognise the importance of maintaining a cosy oasis filled with warmth and nostalgia during these times to help stabilise ourselves from the inside out. To nourish our souls and keep us calm, sheltering us from the chilly winds of Autumn and the bleak days of Winter. 

As a result of cooler weather, it is no secret that the environment around us visually changes. Cooler tones including muted blues, darker greens and burnt oranges replace the brighter colours we are surrounded by during the warmer months of the year. We love the stylistic introduction of these cooler seasons into the spaces within our homes while also maintaining the presence of brighter colours.. allowing us to reminisce on the warmer months of the year. We take great consideration into implementing these colours into our Autumn Winter collection, categorised by four different style directions; Radiant, Nutshell, Elemental Blue and Embracing colour. 


Radiant represents the rich reds, off whites, gold and timber accents that we see during the cooler months. Radiant is optimistic, warm and playful. Inspiring mid-century shapes and rich golden hues.. think velvet solid all over on our sofas and occasional chairs this season. 

Grounding this style direction, the Joey makes for a bold statement in any room. Its unique shape is complemented by the brightness of the rust velvet. The Joey comes in three Radiant colours: Giselle Rust, Chex Forrest and Bella Amber. 


Nutshell embodies the rich and spicy brown that evokes warmth and reassurance. Nutshell speaks about sustainability, authenticity and craftsmanship. 



An integral piece in this direction is the Steele Avenue Sofa. Its contemporary loose cover designs are available in crisp white cottons that come in a variety of natural tones. However, the Steele Avenue is not limited to these colours and can be upholstered in any loose cover fabric of your choice.  

At Sofa and Soul we prioritise working with sustainable fabrics like hemp – an environmentally friendly fabric that uses less water and energy to produce (which means less impact on the land) – to extending the life of your locally made sofa with our range of dry clean friendly upholstery fabrics and the option to purchase a second cover, every part of Our Sustainable Story has been thoughtfully considered.

Elemental Blue

Elemental Blue is a light indigo appealing to all age groups and styles of interior. It represents stability and moderation and suits a minimalist aesthetic. At the forefront of this direction are a variety of cool toned pieces that can enrich any space effortlessly. 



Whether you’re entertaining guests or snuggling up with a good book, the Lucas is a timeless sofa that will create the perfect atmosphere for a cosy living space. The Lucas serves as a perfect staple piece in any living or family room and can be stylistically enhanced through the addition of a variety of rugs and throws.

Embracing Colour

No matter the season, by embracing and experimenting with colours in your home, the spaces you create can take you anywhere you want to go. Like deep greens with pinks, bright yellow and turquoise give us colours of the Caribbean… playful, fun, exotic. One of our most unique pieces, the Solstice Buffet, is a standout in this direction. 



Showcasing wonderful timber tones, the Solstice Buffet is marked by its repetitive lateral lines and extruded arches on the door fronts. Though neutral in colour itself, this specific timber tone compliments and enhances any colour in its surrounding creating a perfectly balanced and harmonic space. 

xo S&S