IMG specialises in engineering and creating world-class furniture, focusing on your comfort and their back-saving ergonomic support. Originating in the stunning fjords of Sykkylven, Norway, the Internasjonal Møbel Gruppe’s (IMG) old-world craftsmanship is unmistakable.

IMG is passionate about exclusively creating designs that deliver an outstanding blend of luxury, relaxation and unrivalled value.

Within every chair and sofa — you will discover IMG’s desire for brilliance.  They begin the design process by meticulously creating their unique seating systems. IMG’s Scandinavian influences combine the science of body correct ergonomics and state-of-the-art technology with luxurious artistry. The entire product range is designed, engineered and tested by IMG’s Norwegian experienced product development team.

The star focal point of IMG is their development of their luxurious Scandinavian comfort recliners.

IMG strives for perfection through enticing skilled employees and partners who share their vision and love of furniture. The atmosphere of ingenuity and optimism is always visible at the IMG product development stage. IMG is built on innovation and constant improvement. This philosophy is clear in their range of comfortable recliners now available at Sofa & Soul.