Exclusive Melbourne Retailer

Sofa & Soul are proudly the exclusive Melbourne retailer of Hermon Hermon Commercial Lighting.

A range of gorgeous and eye-catching Hermon Hermon Lighting is on display at the Sofa & Soul showroom. Including the statement Hermon Baila Chandelier and the industrial style Hermon Architectural Floor Lamp.

Hermon Hermon Commercial are dedicated to architects & designers. They source innovative lighting from around the world and have made this feature lighting exclusively available in Melbourne at Sofa & Soul.

The designer brand, Design by Hive, creates the innovative and handcrafted lighting offered at Sofa & Soul.

The  C-U C-Me Collection showcases the craftsmanship that Hive puts into their pieces of artistic lighting. C-U C-Me lighting features the charming beauty of woven wire dipped into a vat of salago fiber and the finished product results in a soft glow of light.

The whimsical creativity of Design by Hive’s Little People Collection is also available at Sofa & Soul. These stunning pieces feature a spectacle of hundreds of individually bent rods that embody Hive’s playful nature.

Design by Hive garners inspiration from nature by utilising locally sourced and self-sustaining organic materials, including rattan and abaca.

Hive additionally incorporates efficient and environmentally friendly technology, such as LED, to provide timeless and beautiful illumination solutions.

Design by Hive passionately preserves traditional handmade production techniques and fuses it with fresh design concepts.