When it comes to sofas, we understand that one size does NOT fit all.

Every home has its unique characteristics. As do the individuals that live there.  Your sofa is the heart and soul of your home and should be just right for your unique needs.

The ideal sofa for you will depend on…

Your style preference.

The “look” and “mood” you want to create.

Your lifestyle and life stage.

How your sofa will be used and who will be using it.

Size of the space and height of your ceiling.

Let us help you design a sofa that is perfect for you. We’ll guide you on the best model for your needs, recommend an ideal configuration for your space, and suggest a covering based on what we’ve learnt about your preferences, style and how the sofa will be used.

Here are 3 simple steps and some questions to ask yourself when choosing your couch. Or alternatively, come in to our Richmond showroom and we’ll guide you through the process.

Step 1 – Choose your model.

Do your prefer contemporary or more classic styles? You may want to consider the existing style of your space, or perhaps you’d like to restyle a whole room with a fresh look.

How high is the ceiling? If your ceilings are a standard height you may want to consider a model with a low back. Conversely if you have soaring ceilings, a high back model could make a great impact in your space.

Step 2 – Choose your configuration.

What size is your space?  What shape is your space?  Bring in your dimensions and we’ll help you plan an ideal configuration for your individual needs. The choices are many. Our couch sizes range from compact 2-seaters right up to grand 4.5-seaters. Many of our models are also available as modular lounges, with chaise and corner options, left or right arms (or no arms at all!), ottomans and matching scatter cushions.

Step 3 – Choose your covering.

Do you need a more durable, hard wearing finish, or could you choose something wonderfully indulgent?

You should ask yourself will the couch be used by children or pets? Will it be used by only one or two people, or a whole family? Will it be the main couch in your home getting frequent use, or for a second living room, study, parent’s retreat or guest room.

Come in soon and we’ll help you custom design your perfect sofa.